TIGAO is a case study on alternative ways outside of therapy sessions to cope with the feelings of anxiety and/or depression. It is an application with four main features assisting college students and faulties with mental health issues.

Collaborators:  Annie Lefforge | Jack Pierce


Sofia typeface was chosen to avoid any discomfort for users that are experiencing  some sort of distress and wanting to access the app.

Color Theory

Based on color theory, blue offeres a sense of calmness and purple represents hope. The combination of both color invites the users to an atmostphere of tranquility while using the app.

Deep Koamaru


Middle Blue Purple

Carolina Blue

Bright Gray

Home Page

The homepage allows the users to keep track of the overall progress as well as  giving the users the ability to quickly access through all the features.

Mood Tracker

Mood tracker records the user’s mood daily through the use of emoji slider and writing down the details as research suggests that it will give a greater sense of overall emotional well-being and happiness.


The calendar feature shows a monthly  summary of the recorded moods and allowing the users to schedule an appointent with a therapist.